About Us


At The Peace Rose Montessori School we pride ourselves on cultivating students who excel academically and develop leadership skills and a love of learning. A Montessori education encourages a child’s independence, teaching them to care for their environment, for themselves, and for others through methods that nurture their self-reliance, confidence, and social skills. Students receive a holistic education, studying subjects such as science and geography while learning about other cultures. They leave prepared to thrive academically and they also develop life skills such as: taking care of our earth, respecting themselves and others, speaking up for themselves in times of conflict, and being independent. Teaching young children these skills during the most malleable years of their life builds a strong foundation for them to serve as tomorrow’s leaders.

A sweet girl I had the pleasure of teaching for 3 years had issues with speaking up for herself when it came to interactions with her peers. With her teachers’ guidance, working together with her parents, and the Montessori Method she found her voice. The Peace Rose, our namesake, is a tool used in the classroom to resolve conflict peacefully. The child holding the rose takes a turn to speak before passing it on. This allows both parties to listen and respond, giving them a priceless skill for school and for life. In addition to becoming assertive she left with advanced skills beyond her grade level in both language arts and math.

The Peace Rose Montessori School is not your average preschool. Children learn concepts using concrete materials that they can touch, feel, and see which leads to a better understanding. A precocious child will excel and so will a child who is struggling because each child learns at their own pace. Our lessons are not based on age but on ability. When a child masters a lesson, they will progress to the next lesson. If they are having difficulty, they can repeat the lesson as needed or we will try another technique.

The Peace Rose Montessori School is an investment in your child’s success.