The Montessori Method


Dr. Maria Montessori developed the Montessori Method over 100 years ago. This scientific method consists of creating an environment that gives the child freedom to explore and achieve their highest potential. Each child is respected and observed individually so that they may progress at their own rate. Every area in the classroom is available to each child.

There are lessons throughout the classroom that will satisfy the various levels of readiness in each child. This allows young children to learn about many things that they otherwise may have been exposed to at a much later age if at all. They get a well-rounded education in a Montessori classroom. Sure they learn traditional academics but they also learn how to care for themselves and be independent as well as exploring different cultures around the world. They learn about having respect for themselves, others and the environment they inhabit.

The classes are mixed ages with children working at all levels based on their own specific individual ability. The older children become leaders in the classroom and the younger ones strive to be like them. The Montessori Method provides an environment that is supportive to a child who may struggle. At the same time, it allows another child to advance to work considered beyond their ability based on their age.